Let The Music Do The Talking #12 : Joe Lynn Turner

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"I always feel I can do better after the vocal has been done"

From your early teens to your time in Fandango, you always played guitar. Has your guitar playing given you a better understanding of harmony, which then helps your singing?

Absolutely!... I have always believed that if a singer plays an instrument it will help better his ability to sing... Not only harmony but... phrasing.... melody... etc. Even drummers can have a better understanding of these points!

Of all your vocal performances, whether solo or in Deep Purple, Rainbow or Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, which would you say is the best? And why?

Well... I can only go on popular reaction on this because I always feel I can do better after the vocal has been done... (laughs) But, as to my own personal opinion there are a few... "Street of Dreams, "Can't Let You Go", "Dreaming", "Love Conquers All", "Heaven Tonight"... It's difficult for me to choose as these songs are so close and personal to me... So... Maybe you can tell me!... (laughs)

Do you remember what it felt like when you first went on stage with Rainbow? Was it easier, years later, with Deep Purple?

Oh yeah! It was a major high! I felt like all my dreams had arrived! I had much to learn in the 'big' arena... and it took some time... but Ritchie took me under his wing and taught me many important things! This helped me grow and develop as a showman and an artist! Of course it was easier with Purple having had such great experience with Rainbow! I became a seasoned professional.

You released your first solo album Rescue You, produced by Roy Thomas Baker, in 1985. What was it like to work with Mr Baker, who was known for his work with Queen, Cheap Trick and The Cars?

"RTB" as we called him. HE was an amazing character... and had the "wow" factor as a producer! He just knew what it had to sound like. I'll never forget how he put a thick tape over all the meters on the studio board the first day we were in because he didn't give a damn about what the meters looked like... only how it sounded! That album still sounds great!

What's a day in the life of Joe Lynn Turner like?

(laughs)... Well... that depends on where I am! I'm at home today but I do emails... have breakfast... go to the gym... make phone calls... do recording or video shorts for promoters to use as promo... going to a broadway show tonight... whatever! On the road it's all biz... doing shows and traveling. But, I have a very full life... very busy!

Joe Lynn Turner's official website : www.joelynnturner.com