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09-08-2010 / Chroniques & Giclées

Rush: Montreal Forum - 27-03-1981

Geddy Lee maestro binoclard de la basse en quatre-cordes - surtout pas plus - aux commandes d'un improbable combo prog-rock from Ontario, Neil Peart, drummer littéraire virtuose à la précision plus palmeresque que paicienne, nourri de sci-fi philosophante sans ridicule... ###

21-10-2007 / Chroniques & Giclées

Rush: A Farewell To Kings (1977)

"I'm a fairly obnoxious bass player - I'm very intrusive. I don't think my playing style is very typical. But we are all our own worst critics, right? I was born into the Jack Bruce, Chris Squire, Jack Casady world - those guys all pushed the melodic side of bass playing. That's how I viewed my role: not just to lay down the beat, but to add melody and some edge - especially in a three-piece-to fill up the sound. That's why I often let my open strings ring out; I try to be a bass player and guitar player at the same time. I guess my main strength is that I'm able to knit with Neil and smooth out some of the hyper rhythms that we do together. By playing more, it frees Alex melodically to do what he needs to do in the context of the trio...." (Geddy Lee) ###