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28-02-2014 / Mythes & Anecdotes

Echoes #47: Stephen Stills / Albert King

Go Back Under A Bad Sign? ###

30-06-2008 / Chroniques & Giclées

Bloomfield Kooper Stills: Super Session (1968)

"Michael always had some kind of problem that he carried around with him; it's like a cross he enjoyed bearing (part of his American-Jewish suffering heritage). This time around he arrived with an ingrown toenail, which he kept insisting was gangrene. As soon as he walked in, he took the most expensive crystal bowl from the kitchen and soaked his big toe in it for an hour. His injured toe is immortalized in a photo on the back of the album for all you blues purists and foot fetishists. That first night in the studio, we got right down to business. Barry Goldberg, also late of the Electric Flag, came down and sat in on piano for a few tracks. We recorded a slow shuffle, a Curtis Mayfield song, a Jerry Ragovy tune, a real slow blues number and a six-eight fast waltz modal jazz-type tune, and in nine hours had a half an album in the oven...." (Al Kooper) ###